Welcome to my blog! Here, I will publish tutorials related to data science, which will also serve as convenient cheatsheets and references for myself.


Awk tips, tricks, and bioinformatics applications

Awk programs Awk programs are a sequence of combinations of ‘‘search pattern’’ and ‘‘action’’. Check this example, it sums up all cell counts in this table:

Parameters Field separators (-F) The parameter -F is provided a regexp. To define both ‘=’ and ‘;’ as field separators, do this:

Examples Filter a tsv file …


Hi, I’m Alex, a freelance data scientist. My main website is at www.alpha-epsilon.de. This blog will serve as a tool for me to take notes while I learn new stuff, a reference for things I once knew but forgot, and it might be helpful to some of you guys at some point.

You can contact me at engelhardt@alpha-epsilon.de.